“I truly enjoyed your program AMOEBA HOP. My students enjoyed the enlarged look at the swamp water, the large super colorful storybook along with the very catchy song! What a great idea! Thanks for bringing a little science and fun to our Brooklyn school! Please come again!”

Liisa Syrdahl, 1st grade teacher, The Ovington School, PS 176, Brooklyn, NY

“The program was wonderful! My son (5) and my daughter (2) LOVE the CD and the book. My class was just as excited. Thank you again. It was great meeting you!"

Agnes Moore, 2nd grade teacher, Memorial School, Paramus, NJ

“Very Enjoyable - well done. The children have one more tool to enhance their writing!”

Carol Russell, Resource Room Writing teacher, Memorial School, Paramus, NJ

“I thought the workshop was terrific! The kids enjoyed creating their own ‘initial cap’ and their finished pieces look great. I plan to use your ideas to create an alphabet book next year. Thanks!”

Maryalice Perazzo, 3rd grade teacher, Memorial School, Paramus, NJ

“Great subject matter! Loved the presentation. You’re a very talented and inspirational illustrator!”

Christine Lafferty, 5th grade teacher, Lakewood Elementary, Congers, NY

“We loved it! The slide show was a great visual and the kids really loved watching you draw! Congratulations on all your success!”

Amy Lazes, teacher, Lakewood Elementary, Congers, NY

Programs by Betsy Franco Feeney
School Testimonials

“The program

was wonderful!”

Order Book

“Clever Lyrics and Beautiful Illustrations”

By Deene Souza, 7th grade Teacher (Tulare, CA USA)

   “I'm a huge fan of Ms. Lavin's songs, so I was equally delighted to hear that she was going to be in print, rather than just in the ’air’ now! I received my book today and am THRILLED with it! The illustrations are exactly what I imagined they would look like. And of course, the song is just delightful! I've used this song to open up a science unit before and the kids just love it. Actually, these kids, were 7th grade students! So it appeals to all ages . . . you'll love this book and I do believe that it should be in every science teacher's library!”

“Clever Lyrics and Beautiful Illustrations”

Dear Ms. Feeney,

I cannot thank you enough for bringing your "Giant Book & Song" workshop to P.S. 48.  Your presentation was highly energetic, fun and  informative.  It was a wonderfully creative approach to teaching children about science and the environment.  Every single student was completely captivated by the gorgeous, vivid illustrations in the giant picture book, "Amoeba Hop".  They loved the song, the interactive role-playing with the adorable props, and the beautifully illustrated giant flash cards during the "Hole in the Bottom of the Sea" song.  The books, music, role-play activity, and video of actual one-celled organisms gave the students a multimedia experience which kept them engaged and excited about the subject matter.

Your visit meant so much to the children of P.S. 48. Not only did they enjoy the science lesson and the follow-up activity of creating their own pinwheels with your beautiful illustrations, but it was a truly special experience for them to meet you. Your warmth and encouragement in answering their questions about becoming an illustrator made them feel comfortable and confident in the discussion. Later on in the day, I ran into one of the students and he said, "Can she come back? When will she come back?"  You provided the children with a unique opportunity which will positively impact some of them in tremendous ways.

The librarian and the teachers were so impressed with your books and the response of the students, that they all expressed their desire to order additional copies of "Amoeba Hop" and "Hole in the Bottom of the Sea".  These books will be utilized during our "Habitat" and "Environment" units of study.  

It was so very kind of you to donate a signed copy of your book to our library.

Your visit was very much appreciated by the staff and students of P.S. 48.  

It was truly a special and altogether wonderful experience!  Thank you!


Ginat Kaplan

5th Grade Literacy Staff Developer

P.S. 48

a truly special experience