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The Society of Protistologists has donated a special camera to “Amoeba Hop” illustrator, Betsy Franco Feeney. Betsy uses the camera along with the multiscope microscope (donated by SOP member, Dr. Howard Buhse) during her school visits where she provides a peek into the fascinating world of microorganisms!

The Society of Protistologists
scientists who study microorganisms (really tiny plants & animals!)

On June 5, 2004, Christine Lavin

and Betsy Franco Feeney, author

and illustrator of “Amoeba Hop”,

were the honored guests at the

annual meeting of the Society of Protistologists (formerly Protozoologists) at Bryant College in Smithfield, RI.  The society has enthusiastically endorsed the book and even adopted “Amoeba Hop” as their meeting’s theme!

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