Betsy Franco Feeney, award-winning

illustrator and co-author of

“Amoeba Hop”, has an entertaining,

informative and colorful presentation

on creating children’s books.

   During the slide presentation, many of the steps that were taken to create her latest book AMOEBA HOP are presented.  Several aspects of book illustrating are discussed such as thumbnail sketches, point of view (see art above, right), book dummies and the use of the computer as a valuable tool in the production of the final oil paintings. AMOEBA HOP, based on a song by celebrated folksinger/songwriter Christine Lavin, is enhanced with a non-fictional appendix Betsy wrote under the guidance of scientists from the Society of Protistologists.

        Students, teachers and librarians have all been fascinated to see the project develop before their eyes. Initial sketches and various forms of research material are shown. What is also stressed is that you do not copy a photo or anyone else’s work. Betsy shows how she is inspired by other artist’s work and how she uses that inspiration to make her own work better. She will also give a drawing demonstration in front of the students.

    The creative process of book illustration holds many possibilities for relating to classroom curricula. The idea of creating a plan to tackle a project and the use of resources available in a correct and effective way are just two of the lessons that students are able to carry away from the "Making of a Book" slide presentation and the "Initial Cap" workshop.


Society of Protistologists has given Betsy a special camera to

project the inhabitants of pond water under a microscope onto a TV

monitor. This has obvious science-related enhancements giving

students a glimpse into the fascinating world of microorganisms.

Who knows, a future scientist may be ‘born’ in the classroom!

A suggested enhanced use of the presentation:

  Since the “AMOEBA HOP” is based on a song and the musical score is included in the book, the music teacher can be involved in the presentation, either playing the song on guitar or piano and/or teaching a class to sing the song.

“The Making of a Book...... An Illustrator’s Tale”

multimedia presentation appropriate for all ages

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$300 *

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