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“Emerita, a new book written and illustrated by Cindy Mauro Reisenauer, is a richly told and lavishly illustrated story that should be in every child's library. It is a tale of family strength, courage, sacrifice, adventure and triumph - but mainly it is about love. In a world where families are, unfortunately, all too often almost disposable, Emerita reminds us all about how very important roots and family love and loyalty are. Ms. Reisenauer clearly learned to love and be loved first by her grandmother, and that strength and power come through her story loud and clear. Her illustrations are absolutely beautiful, colorful and full of detail; they will capture the imagination of the child long before he or she has learned to read. This is definitely a book to be read and re-read and cherished for years to come. It is a true pleasure.”

 Leslye Hunter,

Marriage and Family Therapist

Book Specifications for Emerita:

Description:48 page, hardcover, printed end sheets, plus case, jacketed.

Size:        12x9, binds on the 9

Stock:Text: 128 gsm matte, end paper: 140 gsm white wood free, case:

128 gsm gloss/2.5 MM board. Text 4x4, cover 4/0+gloss film lam,

jacket 4/0+ gloss film lam, end sheets 4/1 Blk.

Bindery:Case bound, section sewn, square backed, H/T bands, jacketed.

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2008 International Latino Book Awards “Best Children’s Book - English” category

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