AMOEBA HOP continues to be one of the most requested songs at her concerts from both young people and adults.  Christine was recently given the Deems Taylor ASCAP award for her memoir called “Cold Pizza for Breakfast, A Mem - wah?” You can find out more about it by clicking here

    Her second picturebook, HOLE In The BOTTOM Of The SEA, is also with illustrator Betsy Franco Feeney, click here.

“Over the years, I’ve received cards, drawings and letters from teachers and elementary school students who have been inspired by my music,” remarks Christine.

Christine has appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s The Today Show, and was featured on CBS’s Sunday Morning, CNN, and NPR’s Weekend Edition. She currently guest hosts Sunday Breakfast on WFUV public radio in NYC. Christine has won multiple music awards including five ASCAP Composer Awards and the NYC Singer/Songwriter of 2001 (Backstage Magazine).

    To visit Christine’s website, CLICK HERE


         Christine Lavin has been a major force in the contemporary music world for two decades with 30 albums to her credit, 20 of them solo. With the release of her picturebook, AMOEBA HOP, fans who have longed for ‘something for their kids’ will not be disappointed. What they will be is delighted by seeing Christine’s imaginative world come alive.

"I wrote the song in the early 1980s, but it was inspired by my first look into a microscope in Mr. Kristoph's 9th grade biology class,” recalls Christine.  “Classmate Betty Ann Murphy brought a bucket of swamp water into the classroom and when I looked at what was going on down there, I was stupefied! That was in 1967, so it took quite a while for the song to morph past the incubation stage (and amazing to me that I remember the details so vividly. But I do!). If I had gotten that peek into one-celled goings-on earlier, maybe today I'd be a scientist and not a songwriter..."


Christine Lavin